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Crazy Stories

August 8, 2011

Seriously, some crazy shiz has been happening to me in the last few months.

First, when we went to go get our joint checking account, I was informed that the debit card in my possession wasn’t valid.  (I’d figured it out earlier that morning, when it wouldn’t work at the CVS next door to the bank.)  Why would it work?  Because I had requested a new card on June 6th.  Ummm no I didn’t.

Then I get this letter in the mail from a collections agency.  Due to my nonpayment of a parking ticket in the city of Providence, Rhode Island, I now owed them $75.  Guess who hadn’t been in Rhode Island in like a year?  And definitely not at 3:04pm on Monday, June 6, which was my first day back from the wedding/honeymoon.  I called and was informed that the description and license plate matched my car.  If I wanted to dispute it, I’d have to go down to Providence and fight it in front of a judge.  After gathering some phone records from work (trying to prove that myself and my car were in Massachusetts at the time of the ticket), Matt and I headed down there last week to fight it.  It took us about 3.5 hours, $5 to park, and 1/3 of a tank of gas, but by gosh I got it dismissed.  It’s the principle of the thing, ya know!

Anyway, my latest crazy story is wedding related.  Specifically, wedding picture related.  A week or so ago, my dad received a phone call from a woman in a different neighborhood of Cincinnati.  She told him that her father had found these wedding pictures on the side of the road, and she believed that they belonged to someone related to my dad.  My dad met the woman and confirmed that yes, this was in fact my wedding album.  You know, the really nice expensive one from the photographer.  We think that maybe someone stole the package off of a porch and after realizing that our wedding pictures had no monetary value, discarded it.  My dad said that aside from some scuffs on the cover, the album was in pretty good condition.  I immediately made a phone call to my photographer asking “WHAT THE HECK!?!”  He then informed me that he had received our album the day before and it was sitting in his office in perfect condition.  Perhaps, the album company didn’t receive a delivery confirmation and decided to send another one.  What does this mean?  We now have TWO super-duper fancy-schmancy albums!  What a good Samaritan that lady was!  She had used a picture of our wedding program from the album to track down my dad.  Thank goodness my maiden name is rather unique!

So our super duper, fancy schmancy NON-SCUFFED album arrived today from Nathan Peel in perfect condition.


I guess now I really need to get on the ball with these recaps!  I hope that you enjoyed my crazy stories!


June 12, 2011

So, I’ve been hard at work slowly working on building a new blog!  Be sure to check it out!  That is where my wedding recaps and all new blog posts will be. I will no longer be posting on this site.

Strawberry Jam Packed Life



May 26, 2011

Photographer, Nathan Peel, has put up a preview of the wedding pictures.  Here’s one of my faves:



Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady!

May 22, 2011

I cannot believe how smoothly the wedding went.  Seriously, there were no serious hitches.  It was a beautiful day and I’m officially Mrs. T!!  (I pity the fool!)

Here are a few snapshots from the day that I’ve stolen from friends.  I’ll be back with a few recaps and perhaps a few updates while I sit on the plane for 8 hours.



What Have I Been Up To?

May 20, 2011

I’m getting married tomorrow!  SAY WHAT!?!

Here’s what I’ve been up to for the past two weeks (or more):

I made these pins using Martha Stewart’s directions.

I attempted to whiten my teeth.

Can you tell?

My mom and I assigned seats for the guests using plates and post-its (which we then re-did earlier this week after learning that our set up wouldn’t work!):

Matt packed up the dog for her 11 day stay at day care.

I packed up my car (did I mention that I bought a new car!?!) and drove 14 hours from Boston to Cincinnati.

Then I’ve been much busier than I anticipated this past week!  I would like to add some more posts for next week, but we shall see.


(P.S.  The weather is looking better.)


May 12, 2011

Well, we have 9 days left.  SERIOUSLY!  That means that we are officially in the 10 day forecast.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have looked.

Apparently we are bringing Boston weather down to Cincinnati.  YUCK!  Here’s hoping the weather people are WRONG!!!  I should ask my bridesmaid, Brooke.  She’s a meteorologist.  She correctly predicted Hurricane Katrina and the tornadoes in Alabama.

Anyway, I have some other fun wedding projects to tell y’all about.  I just need to find the time.  Happy Thursday!

Chicago Bachelorette, Part 3

May 9, 2011

Oh hai!  Sorry, crazy busy at work and umm, oh yeah, I’m getting married in 11 days!

So after we took our architecture tour of Chicago, we all returned to Amy’s loft to get ready to go out.

What night in Chicago doesn’t start out with Giordano’s?


Mmmm, cheesy deep dish Chicago pizza!


We all determined that sausage and peppers are the key to the perfect deep dish pizza.

Amy had decorated the apartment with pink and black.


The theme of the night was pink, black, and PROHIBITION!  We all added prohibition style accessories.


We also opened some presents, so I added some accessories like a veil with, ummm, yeah, THOSE things, and a garter.


We spent most of the night at Howl at the Moon dueling piano bar.  Jen had gone earlier and snagged a table, so we had an anchor for the night.  Much debauchery and girly gossip ensued.


Also, I must show you our obsession with making the word “WOW” with our hands and mouths.



Jan went against the grain and made the word “MOO”.

There was also an incident at the piano bar involving people paying to have them play “Hail to the Victors”.  (That is the Michigan fight song).  I mean seriously, we are within two hours of Illinois, Notre Dame, and my alma mater, PURDUE!  We had to remedy the situation.  Amy, my Matron of Honor and Ohio State graduate, also got in on some “Hang On Sloopy” action.


It was not well received by Kelley (the Ole Miss grad) and Brooke (another Purdue alum).

We also spent some time admiring our muscles.


And Sarah was complimented on her dancing by the women at the table next to us.


Our final stop of the night was at a drag show.  At this point, I’d had a few too many, and was deeply verbally disappointed in the drag show.  They were just dressed up men lip-synching and not even dancing.  BOO!  Oh well.  It was a great night and I had an amazing time.  The best part was enjoying a night with all of my girls from all of the stages of my life and who thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company.  The wedding will be even better!

Thanks, Ladies! (and thanks to Beckey for most of these pictures.  I did not trust myself to have my camera with me.)