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Chicago Bachelorette, Part 3

May 9, 2011

Oh hai!  Sorry, crazy busy at work and umm, oh yeah, I’m getting married in 11 days!

So after we took our architecture tour of Chicago, we all returned to Amy’s loft to get ready to go out.

What night in Chicago doesn’t start out with Giordano’s?


Mmmm, cheesy deep dish Chicago pizza!


We all determined that sausage and peppers are the key to the perfect deep dish pizza.

Amy had decorated the apartment with pink and black.


The theme of the night was pink, black, and PROHIBITION!  We all added prohibition style accessories.


We also opened some presents, so I added some accessories like a veil with, ummm, yeah, THOSE things, and a garter.


We spent most of the night at Howl at the Moon dueling piano bar.  Jen had gone earlier and snagged a table, so we had an anchor for the night.  Much debauchery and girly gossip ensued.


Also, I must show you our obsession with making the word “WOW” with our hands and mouths.



Jan went against the grain and made the word “MOO”.

There was also an incident at the piano bar involving people paying to have them play “Hail to the Victors”.  (That is the Michigan fight song).  I mean seriously, we are within two hours of Illinois, Notre Dame, and my alma mater, PURDUE!  We had to remedy the situation.  Amy, my Matron of Honor and Ohio State graduate, also got in on some “Hang On Sloopy” action.


It was not well received by Kelley (the Ole Miss grad) and Brooke (another Purdue alum).

We also spent some time admiring our muscles.


And Sarah was complimented on her dancing by the women at the table next to us.


Our final stop of the night was at a drag show.  At this point, I’d had a few too many, and was deeply verbally disappointed in the drag show.  They were just dressed up men lip-synching and not even dancing.  BOO!  Oh well.  It was a great night and I had an amazing time.  The best part was enjoying a night with all of my girls from all of the stages of my life and who thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company.  The wedding will be even better!

Thanks, Ladies! (and thanks to Beckey for most of these pictures.  I did not trust myself to have my camera with me.)

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  1. May 10, 2011 7:24 AM

    I am IN LOVE with the Sarah montage. (I hope she is too.)


  2. May 10, 2011 9:06 AM

    wow! Looks like such a great time!

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