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The Honour of Your Presence

March 21, 2011

is requested at the reveal of the INVITES!!  Now that most of them should be delivered (aside from the two going to Europe that just went out Saturday, did I mention that we have TWO people coming from Europe!?!)

Holy cow, did these things take FOR-EVER!  So I bought pocketfolds at Cards and Pockets back in June during their sidewalk sale.  I then started to design them using photoshop.  I used glue dots, lots and lots of glue dots to put together the invitation, mat, and pocket fold.  The aftermath of my gluing:


Finally after confirming dates, times, proofreading, etc.  I sent my pieces to be printed by Cards and Pockets.  I could have saved money by printing them myself, but with 175 to print and cut in the correct sizes, I decided to outsource.  Bonnie at the print shop of C&P was great to work with!  I’d highly recommend it to anyone!

After stuffing them two weeks ago, my mom and I finally put the finishing touches on them and stuffed the envelopes last weekend.


Matt joined in to help me to double check the addresses, stamp them, and lick the envelopes.


I just hope he isn’t poisoned from the glue and dies! (Seinfeld?  Anyone?  Anyone?)

We then made our way down to the mailbox Sunday night!


So do you want to see what they look like?

We have a “Sparkling Sapphire” pocket fold, with a metallic fuschia mat, and all of the white is metallic crystal.  I designed them all using Photoshop.  I got the little swirl from weddingclipart (I think).  You get two free downloads.  The script is Champignon and the print is Centabel Book (both from dafont).

There are five inserts (although you can only see four):

Reception card

Response Card

Accommodations (with Additional Information on the other side)

Directions to Ceremony

Directions to Reception (with the parking pass on the other side)


I’m pretty proud of my maps!  Dude, they were so hard to make in photoshop.  I have become a bit of a photoshop pro.

The close the pocketfolder, I used a blue ribbon and a metallic fuschia piece of card stock to write the names of those invited.


I had wanted to tie the ribbon, but we had some thickness issues.  The post office requires a maximum thickness of 1/4” for letters.  I measured the thickness at work using calipers, and it just barely made it.  So I squished them all with books before they went into the mailbox!

Since they fit the USPS requirements, the invitations only cost $0.61 to mail!  (Since they were just under 2oz).  WOO HOO!

Final cost of the invites: ~$5.50 each not including postage and the 30 hours of my time (and at my usual billing rate, that’s about $3,000).  We sent out 163 invitations, and actually ran out of envelopes.  So NO MORE!  As my mom said “These are the wedding guests.  There are no more.”

Other miscellaneous things (that I can’t show):  we used a blue envelope for the RSVP.  We then purchased a stamp and stamped the return address with white ink.  The return address on the back flap of the invite envelope was embossed.  Both the embosser and the stamp were purchased from acorn.  I used a white paint pen to address the envelopes.  The envelope paper isn’t very  porous, so the addresses streaked a bit through the USPS mail machine.  But whatever!  THEY’RE GONE!  And we received our first RSVP’s today!



Truly Madness

March 20, 2011

The other day I received an email from the Purdue Athletics informing me that the Purdue Women’s Basketball team was playing their first round NCAA game at UConn in Storrs, CT.  A quick trip to google maps, and I learned that Storrs is only 1.5 hours away from us.  So, even though I never actually went to a women’s basketball game while I was at Purdue, I decided that I needed to hear our fight song live!  Oh yeah, and cheer on the basketball team!

On our way down to UConn, we stopped for lunch.  My friend, Brent (who went to UConn for grad school,) recommended Willington Pizza House.

We had the specialty Red Potato Pizza.  Guess who had the broccoli and who had the bacon.

The pizza was pizza crust with red potatoes, sour cream, cheddar, and broccoli/bacon.  Mmmmm!  And the small was the perfect size for two hungry people.

I also found this piece of memorabilia, which reminded me of Julie, who tried Moxie the other day.

Finally we made it to UConn. We caught the second half of the UConn vs. Hartford game (FYI UConn is a #1, and Hartford is a #16).  It wasn’t really a contest.  Matt thought that UConn would win by 40.  I took the under.  I WON!  Final score: 75-39.

And now it was time for Purdue to take the court against Kansas State (#8 vs. #9).

We enjoyed singing along to the fight song.

Especially when Purdue won!  BOILER UP!  After the game we took some pictures.

Purdue Pete

We made it home in time to take April on a long walk (in daylight!) and see the Purdue Men tip off against VCU.  Now, aren’t I glad we made it back!  UGH! Purdue was outright dominated!  My bracket is officially busted!  (As is David Letterman’s)  It was a tough, tough game.  BOO!!  I guess that it is why they call it MARCH MADNESS!

Do you do a bracket?  How’s your bracket doing?


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

From our little Irish German Shepherd.  Can you see the shamrocks on her bandana?

Not much else is going on here.  It’s March Madness, so we’ve been watching basketball all evening.  Okay, we watched at lunch, too.  Oh Clemsooon!  How’s your bracket going?  Wanna hear my total not going to happen National Championship pick?  Ohio State vs. Purdue!  Oh yeah, in one bracket OSU wins, and in the other, Purdue wins!   Guess we first have to beat the Peacocks of St. Peter’s tomorrow!  At least we’re playing in Chicago.  That’s almost like home court advantage, right?

Have a good St. Patrick’s Day!

Recreating a Date

March 13, 2011

Friday night.

We attempted to recreate the night that we got engaged!  We started with dinner at Avenue One, which is at the Hyatt.  (okay, this is not the same restaurant, but that’s okay.)  It is restaurant week in Boston, however we knew that we would be going for dessert later, so we ordered off of the regular menu.  This may have been our downfall.  Our reservation was at 6:30; we ordered about 6:50; our food came at 7:35!  AHHH!!  Our waiter and the manager recognized that this was an exorbitant amount of time and gave us 20% off of our bill.  YAY FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!   I ordered the chicken pot pie.

Twas delicious!  And not just because I was STARVING!

We rushed out of dinner, to the Boston Opera House (which was luckily across the street!) to see MARY POPPINS!!

It was pretty amazing.  We were sitting in the 6th row and could see all of the actors’ facial expressions.  We also got to see/hear many of Bert’s little funny faces and side comments.  I think he was our favorite role!  My three favorite parts were:

  • Feed the Birds – I absolutely love that song.  So gorgeous!
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!  – the dance was amazing.  I think that we need to get someone on it to figure out the dance.  Jeff?  They spelled the word with their body!
  • Step in Time – right before it started I leaned over to Matt and said “I feel a big tap dance number coming on!”  Oh yeah!  It was so great!  And Bert danced on the wall and the ceiling.  So awesome!
  • Mary’s exit (okay that’s four parts, but this must be mentioned)

A great experience!  I’d highly recommend it to anyone who loves fun musicals!

After the show, we headed to Finale for dessert.  Matt ordered the cookie plate (with raspberry drink):

I ordered the molten cake.

I was able to finish all of mine.

But Matt couldn’t eat all of those cookies.  Don’t worry, they were mostly consumed by the end of the weekend.

It was a great date.  Somehow I didn’t end up with any extra jewelry, but that’s okay.  I’ve got Matt 😀

The rest of the weekend

Of course, who doesn’t eat a bunch of cake the night before their first wedding dress fitting?  Yeah . . . oh well.  Good news?  The dress is kind of big.  Like if I took more than two steps it would have fallen down!  I actually looked at my initial measurements.  I have lost 1.5″  in my bust, 1.5″ in my waist, and 1″ in my hips.  I just hope that they can bring it enough.  See I don’t have hips to hold a dress up, so it has to be SUPER tight in the waist!  We shall see!

Our other project of the weekend?  I’ll give you a hint:

Can you spot an April dog?

I’ll have a post on this later in the week!

Hope you all had a great weekend.  Now I guess I have to go to bed.  This is when I don’t like losing that hour!

What’ll Ya Have?

March 9, 2011

As in, what would you like to eat?  “What’ll ya have?” is how the employees at The Varsity in Atlanta take your order.  Anybody know what I’m talking about?

Anyway, we did our tasting at Paul Brown two weeks ago and FINALLY chose the menu.

Here are some of the appetizers we started out with:


Bacon wrapped scallops, chicken quesadilla, mushroom caps, fruit and cheese display, vegetable wontons, veggie egg rolls, crab rangoon, spinach artichoke dip, rosemary foccacia, ham roll.

It was all pretty good.  We actually haven’t decided on what appetizers to serve.  Thoughts?  I absolutely love spinach artichoke dip (and the foccacia was AMAZING!), but we’ll see.

Now for the entrees:


Some pasta primavera, a collection of entrees and side dishes (chicken florentine, pork tenderloin, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, potatoes dauphinoise, prime rib, pecan chicken, other randomness.

So what did we actually decide on?


Chicken Florentine!


Beef Rib Eye


Eggplant Rollatini (we have several vegetarians and others with advanced palettes who we hope will like this!)

The sides will be garlic mashed potatoes and peas and carrots.  Like I said, we still need to figure out the apps and salad.

So, what’ll ya have?

Wedding Day Beauty

March 7, 2011

So I finally got my make up pictures from my mom!


While we were in Cincinnati, we went to the make-up artist’s house for my make-up trial.  (We are using Jean Folchi).  I brought along a few pictures as “inspiration”.


I wanted a natural look.  So I googled celebrities that I felt had similar coloring to me.  I was shying away from a “smokey eye”, because I didn’t want anything overly dramatic.

Jean’s first pass looked like this:

I decided that I wanted a darker eye, so she put more on.  (For future brides, wear white or ivory to your makeup trial, and NOT bright pink.  It throws the look off!)


Apparently I did want a smokier eye!  Do you like my fake eyelashes and freshly plucked eyebrows?   She was bothered by them.  (Aside:  my eyebrows are generally great without any work, so I don’t pluck them.  I got them waxed a few times, but not in the past four years!)  The foundation looks funny up close, but I think that it’s my mom’s camera.  Also note to self, WHITEN YOUR TEETH! YUCK!


After our two hour visit with Jean (she was AWESOME by the way), we went to my hair trial at Paragon.  I told her that I wanted something up, with a part, and was sleek/elegant, but different.  Here is what we ended up with:


I really liked it, although we were a bit underwhelmed with Paragon.  My hair was falling out later in the day, which I attribute somewhat to the fact that I was wearing a coat and scarf.

Pre Wedding Day Beauty

Jean noticed that my skin was a bit dry (yay winter!) and recommended some beauty products to get my skin a bit more glowing:

  • Aveda – Hydrating Masque, 1-2X per week at night as masque, 3-4X thin layer over moisturizer at night
  • Aveeno – Daily scrub, 1-2X per week
  • Aveeno – Positively radiant moisturizer, 2X/day
  • Moisturizing is especially important at night.
  • Aveda – lip balm

I was going to tell you how my first week was going and what my plan was for using these products, but I haven’t been having too much luck.  I think that my face is revolting over too much cleansing and moisturizing, and was actually turning red and starting to burn.  Yeah, I refused to leave the house today, since it looks like I have leprosy!  I’m ceasing use of the masque and scrub until my face stops freaking out.  The moisturizer is still working though.  AHHHH!!!!  At least it’s doing this NOW and not two months from NOW!

Any other beauty recommendations?  Do you keep up with your eyebrows?

Cincinnati Bridal Shower

February 27, 2011

What a whirlwind weekend.  We flew to Cincinnati to take care of some wedding errands.  Aside from those (which may have to wait, since my camera battery died and most of the pictures are on my mom’s camera, BLOGGING 101, DUH!), I also attended my BRIDAL SHOWER!

My Maid of Honor, Kathleen, threw a fabulous shower at my friend, Sarah’s, mom’s house.  Sixteen people came in from all over the country!  First we started with food and drinks.  The party favors were these adorable wine glasses.


Here are some people shots:



1.Grandma, me, Marie (my sister-in-law), Anna Marie (my stepmom)

2. Kathleen (maid of honor), me, Sarah (bridesmaid), Nikki, Brooke (bridesmaid)

3. Sarah, Nikki

4. me, Kathleen

5. Amber (Matt’s sister), Melody (Matt’s mom), Diana (Matt’s twin sister), my mom, Anna Marie

6.  My mom, Anna Marie, Marie, Grandmother, Brooke

After eating, we started with the games.  First was to name the TV couples.  I actually won this game (helps when you can name all three couples of “Modern Family”), but I wasn’t allowed to get prizes!  Sad smile  The second game was a word game: let’s see who can make the most words of the letters of Anne’s new name.  I can’t see what they all are, but let’s just say that my new name has an abundance of n’s, t’s, r’s, and e’s.  The funniest word was “threaten”.  Matt’s sister Amber won with 65+ words!  She’s so smart!

Finally it was time to open presents.  However, there was a hitch in order to open presents!  I had to guess Matt’s answer to a personal question, before I could open each gift.  I should have had this videotaped!  If you know Matt, you’d totally understand why doing impressions of Matt is so funny.  He’s very unassuming, but here’s how the game started:


What is Matt’s favorite vegetable?


Ummm . . . peas?  carrots?  french fries?  sweet potato fries?

His answer: ketchup (AKA ketchtable)

And that’s how it started!

Present pictures (including cameos by Jen, awesome bridesmaid who flew in from Minneapolis!):


Of course, my matron of honor, Amy’s, favorite part of the opening presents was making my bow bouquet.


What a great time!  Thanks to Kathleen, Sarah, her mom, and all of my friends and family who were able to make it!  I can’t believe that this is the beginning of MY wedding season!