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Rear View Mirror 2010

January 5, 2011

Five days into 2011, I thought perhaps I should revisit 2010 (and it’s resolutions).

Looking Back at a Magical Year

As I said in my Christmas Card, 2010 was AWESOME.  We got engaged.

We studied really hard (like 15-20 hours per week) and passed the Professional Engineering exam.  We took our first big vacation by ourselves down to the Caribbean. We adopted a dog.

And that was in the first 6 months! 

Other major events were engagement pictures, celebrated my grandmother’s 80th birthday, walked 10,000+ steps per day in the “Shape Up the Nation” challenge,  MY BROTHER RETURNED FROM AFGHANISTAN, went to Purdue for a football game,

and had a cupcake bridal shower.

And 2011 is shaping up to be even better!

2010 resolutions

1. Read More:  This started out pretty strong, and then I stopped.  I think that I read about 8 books.

2. Go to church:  Ummm, yeah . . . A for half-ass effort?  We tried a church that was supposed to have a good young adults group.  During the service they had a woman come and basically talk about how she had been on a “bad path” (AKA was a lesbian) and she was saved by this group in Florida.  Now she’s married and having a baby.  Isn’t that wonderful?  Yeah, we haven’t been back.  I have a lead on another church that we will try next weekend.

3. Change focus of creative outlet:  I did quit bells, but I have yet to venture out of my comfort zone of tap class.


5. Save money: working on it, of course now it’s all going to the wedding.  I think I had a pretty good year of saving, considering I was only working 80% for 4 months.

6. More trips with Matt:  CRUISE! CHECK!  BEACH BY OURSELVES!  CHECK!  And another big trip together coming up in May. 😉

7. Get a dog: CHECK!

8.  Get engaged.  What?  That was on MY new year’s resolutions.  I just didn’t share it with anyone.  Except maybe Matt a few hundred times.

Not so bad.  But not great.  And look for my 2011 resolutions.  I’m working on them right now!

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