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A Cupcake Bridal Shower

November 27, 2010

It is traditional in my mom’s family to throw the bride a “personal shower” (AKA lingerie).  Since our family lives all over the eastern half of the states, my aunts decided to throw me a bridal shower over Thanksgiving.  When I walked into the room at the restaurant, I was so pleasantly surprised to see the pink cupcake decor!  (to go along with the cupcakes we will be serving at the wedding)


See the cupcake on the table.  HOT PADS!!  My mom is so crafty!  They were the favors.  (Shout out to my mom, Aunt Therese, and Elizabeth for the FAB-U-LOUS decorations!)  Here, Aunt Mary models the cupcake hotpads:


And what current party is complete without SILLY BANDS (or are they silly banz?  I’m so not with it!)

Wedding themed silly banz

My cousin, Mary, wrote a limerick to start off the dinner:

Anne’s getting married, it’s true
She’ll need something borrowed and blue
She’ll need a white dress
So she’ll look her best
And we’ll get her some panties, too

First we took pictures of the cousins (Amy, Grace, me, Elizabeth, Mary, and “invisible Ellen”)

Do you love my pink tiara and "blue" boa?


Next we ordered a drink.  Guess which wine I ordered:

Hint: it was a Reisling

Did you see the “Cupcake Reisling”?

For lunch I ordered the Thai Shrimp Noodles.  They were nice and spicy.

And finally, what cupcake shower is complete without, cupcakes!?!


While we were enjoying dessert, Amy read the list of “Do’s and Don’t’s” of wedding advice.

This included such gems as:

  • DO NOT fart too frequently, if only to reduce the risk of poisoning Matt with fumes
  • DO NOT hire a hot nanny
  • DO let him think he is in charge at least once a week (even if he’s obviously not)
  • DO keep your sense of humor
  • DO fight fair and be careful not to throw words, punches, or cupcake potholders
  • DO remember tha
    50/50 or even 75/75, but more 150/150

And now for the main event.  Now it is said, that at such events, my great grandmother would always ask:  Why do night gowns have a ruffle at the bottom?  To keep your neck warm. Yeah, that’s how it goes in my family.  Anyway, a few pictures of the gifts:

There are definitely more racy pieces, but I will spare you.  Also certain rituals are included in this shower, such as throwing the lingerie.  Why?  Because we need to see how it looks flying through the air. 😉  We tried to capture a picture of me throwing it, but to no avail.




And finally a picture of the whole group:

It was such a great afternoon.  Thanks again!

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  1. November 27, 2010 9:58 PM

    What a fun shower! Those cupcake hot pads are adorable and the cupcakes look delicious! How was the cupcake wine? I have seen ads for it on foodbuzz!

    • November 28, 2010 10:29 AM

      The wine was pretty good. I love sweet wines, like Reisling, so I enjoyed it.

  2. Carrie permalink
    December 6, 2010 9:01 PM

    Love it! Looks like you had a great time.


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