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Back to Tap Class

October 18, 2010

I finally made it back to tap class after a 6-7 month hiatus.  I first took time off in April after we had our recital.  Matt and I took our PE test and went on vacation.  Then we got a dog.  So I took the summer off.  Then we started obedience class for our dog which was on Mondays!

But April has graduated from obedience and I can return to tap class!

Of course the road to tap wasn’t easy this evening, as in it was CLOSED!  I ended up being 15 minutes late trying to find my way there in the dark.  Oh well, it was fun!  Unfortunately my heels aren’t sure about returning.  My calluses are gone!  But I had a great time!  I missed it so much.

Not much else to report.  But here’s our final picture of Mr. Potato Head for Canstruction.

I am seriously impressed with how it came out.  I always feel like it just somehow comes together at the end.  We must have some Canstruction magic!  Hopefully I’ll have more pics of the other entries after the gala!

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