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Responding to Negativity

October 4, 2010

For those who haven’t heard about it, 6 of the most popular healthy living blogs were blasted in an article in Marie Claire.  Read it here for yourself.

I felt compelled to write a letter to the editor regarding the portrayal of food blogs:

Ms. Coles
I am extremely disappointed in Katie Drummond’s portrayal of food bloggers in her article “The Hunger Diairies”.  I first started reading these blogs last year when I was searching for new guidance in living a healthy lifestyle.  I had succesfully completed “Weight Watchers”, but after a while, became obsessed with food and points and basically had an eating disorder.  I loved the approach to healthy eating that these girls have.  Their 3X daily posts provide examples of what they are eating.  From them I have learned to be adventurous with foods and tried many ideas that I would not have tried (like Green Monsters).  Their blogs also show how you can live heathfully and still enjoy life.  Caitlin always proclaims her love of beer.  Meghann’s weekly trips to the frozen yogurt places are always blogged.  I understand how documenting food can be seen as a type of disordered eating, but I took their message more as informational rather than their obsessive need to document every morsel that went into their mouths.  These women are advocating healthy eating, not eating disorders.  Many of them have struggled with disordered eating and have lived to tell their tales.  Caitlin started the “Operation Beautiful” movement to combat the unhealthy images protrayed in the media, perhaps even in your magazine.
I truly believe that these women do not set out to hurt themselves or anyone else by blogging.  Their blogs are simply ways for them to offer information about how they are living heathfully.


While I do understand their fear of readers comparing themselves to these seemingly “perfect” eaters and exercisers, and the possibility of the writers developing distorted eating, I do not think that these women set out to do any of that.  You know what always cheers me up and combats negativity?  My cute little puppy sleeping all curled up:

Anyway, in light of all of this, I went grocery shopping to stock up on my own healthy foods.  If I have it in the house, I should eat it, right?  Stay tuned for some healthy foods and plenty of exercise!  I’m also really trying to talk myself into 6:15am Power Yoga tomorrow morning.  I’ve got to use up this Groupon!

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  1. October 5, 2010 8:52 PM

    UGHHHHHHHHHH. On so many levels. Seriously, a (partially) fashion magazine criticizing someone else for causing disordered eating? Who do they think they’re kidding. And like anyone should be getting health advise from Marie Claire! Gag me.

    I’m glad you replied! I often want to write in about crap like this but never get to it. You were wayyyyy nicer than I would have been too 🙂 Classy yet strong.

    • October 5, 2010 11:03 PM

      Thanks, Katie! I felt personally attacked, or at least like some close friends had been.

      It’s not like the magazine is promoting a healthy body image all the time.

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