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The Cape for Labor Day

September 12, 2010

So I finally went to the Cape!  Matt’s parents and sister came up to Boston, and decided to check out the Cape.  They all headed down on Friday afternoon, but Hurricane Earl had other plans for me.  Originally I had planned on going down about 9pm Friday night (after work, but to avoid cape traffic).  Of course, this was supposed to be right when Earl hit us, so I stayed home and drove down Saturday morning.  My mom and stepdad also drove over Saturday morning.

I woke up at 6am, left at 7am, and made it to Brewster around 8:30am.  We all decided to go survey the “hurricane damage” at West Dennis Beach:

West Dennis Beach

A horse shoe crab shell

After wandering around, we all had some lunch.  Then Matt and I returned to the rental house to watch the Purdue vs. Notre Dame football game (stupid Irish, we lost!).  Dinner was a local seafood house, then back to the house for more football (it was the first weekend of college football, don’t judge me!)

Sunday, everyone else woke up for brunch.  I didn’t because (a) I’m not a morning person and (b) I don’t like brunch foods.  Then, while the parents and Matt’s sister headed to explore the eastern part of the Cape, Matt and I took our first bike ride of the year.  (You might remember that we tried once before, but we didn’t have air in the tires, duh!)  So we took to the CCRT (Cape Cod Rail Trail), along with every other person in Massachusetts, it seemed.

It was a great day (sunny and 75) and the scenery was so relaxing.

A cranberry bog

A tunnel

Even bike trails in Massachusetts have rotaries.

Sunday evening was spent playing games (i.e. Euchre and Spades)

Monday we made our way to Sandwich to have lunch and visit some shops.  We saw the Sagamore bridge that we  crossed to get to the Cape.

Sagamore Bridge

When we returned home, we decided to take advantage of the boats provided by our rental house (our house was right on a pond).    Matt and I tried to get into the canoe, but I was sure that it would tip over.  So I got out, and Matt’s dad got in.  The two took a quick little jaunt around the pond.

Father and Son in a canoe

I then decided to stay and watch the Virginia Tech vs. Boise State game.  We lost! 😦  (And we won’t even talk about the Hokies losing to JMU yesterday).  I started my drive back home around 11:30.  At 12:30, I remembered that I had left my key for a friend to check the mail.  She then put my key on the bookcase in our foyer.  I was now returning home at 1am without a key!  And our landlady was also out of town.  I had to call a friend and spend the night at their house!  It was a nice adventure to end our weekend at the Cape.

We had a great time visiting with parents and enjoying the Cape.  Perhaps we shall return when there are less people.

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  1. September 12, 2010 7:13 PM

    What is this cape?

  2. September 13, 2010 10:59 AM

    That looks like such a fun weekend! I am happy that the hurricane didn’t really get you guys! I heard a lot of people cancelled their plans. Good thing you stuck it out because it was gorgeous weather.

    • September 13, 2010 11:04 AM

      I can’t believe so many people cancelled. After Friday night, the weather outlook was gorgeous!! (Sunny and mid-70’s). At least it made for less people on the Cape.

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