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September is here!

September 2, 2010

September is one of my favorite months.  It is beginning to be crisp and fall like, but still usually sunny.  Football is starting today.  Plus, sapphires are September’s birthstone, and we all know about my love of sapphires!

Sorry for the lack of posting as of late.  Last week was crazy.  I worked 60 hours in a week, then Matt went out of town and left me alone with the dog for the weekend.  And she had decided to start peeing in the house for no actual reason.  ARGH!  So I was getting up at 6am for a 3.5 mile walk, and a second one in the evening.  By the end of the weekend, after walking 14+ miles in two days, my legs were a bit sore!

Anyway, back to regular posting perhaps?  No promises!

Another reason I wasn’t posting is that I had no healthy living things or wedding items to discuss, since I haven’t been living very healthfully (and wedding is rather dormant).  Now I am trying to set myself back on the right track.  Here are some goals for September:

  1. If you buy healthy food and keep it in the house, you are more likely to eat it!
  2. “Soda free September” I like the alliteration.  Going to give soda up, for no reason other than I know that it’s not good for you, even diet.
  3. Go to the gym 2X per week minimum
  4. Send out Save-The-Dates

All very accomplishable goals.  As I said, September marks the beginning of fall, which is usually a very busy time for me.  This is mostly due to my obsession enjoyment of college football, which pretty much takes away a day of the weekend.  Combine that with going to the Cape, Minnesota, and Purdue and friends coming to visit and fall is jam packed!

ARGH, just realized that my camera cord is at work.  I swear I brought it home!

So I’ll entertain you with a picture showing that even our dog is ready for football:

She’s not a very good wide receiver, but I think she’d make a great defensive tackle!

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