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Familiar Faces on TV and Tweeting

August 5, 2010

Okay, by now you must have heard about Caitlin’s appearance on the Today Show promoting her new book, Operation Beautiful!  I realized that, since I was running late to work, I had just enough time to catch it on my way out the door.

WOO HOO!  She was so poised and articulate.

But as I was watching it, I saw some other familiar blog faces:

I believe that’s Bobbi from NHerShoes.

And Tina from Carrots ‘n Cake (along with other bloggers in town for the BlogHer conference).

So funny to see some “familiar” faces on National Television!  WAY TO GO!

Have you ever been on TV?

I wish I had pictures, but my roommate (and MOH) from Purdue, Kathleen, and I were on Sportscenter once!  They were showing the crowd before the Purdue vs. Indiana football game in 2004.  Somehow we were there early and it was seriously just the two of us standing there, saving our seats!  By our senior year we had awesome seats in the fourth row near the 40 yard line!  Then I was on GameDay once or twice at Virginia Tech.  I made a giant sign of my face to put on a stick.  I was between Herbstreit and Fowler for a good portion of the broadcast.  Here’s a picture of my friend, Theo, and me at 6:30am to save our seats:

I might have had a few drinks the night before, and not much sleep . . . you do the math.


These are actually some of my first pictures on facebook, back in September 2005!  This was the VT vs. Georgia Tech game.  Gameday was supposed to be at an LSU game, but it had been canceled due to Hurricane Katrina.  So they came to Blacksburg, and we THUMPED Georgia Tech 51-7!!!

Anyway, it’s been a quiet evening here.  Volleyball was canceled due to the other team forfeiting.  So I just relaxed and watched Project Runway and caught a bit of the new show with Santino and Austin.  This prompted me to remember Santino’s Tim Gunn Impression “What happened to Andre?”

I made Matt watch.  We were both cracking up!

And finally, I got bored and started a Twitter.  We’ll see how much I update this thing.  Follow me @AnnettiMcBaugh  (This is a joke about my name.  Once a dance competition misinterpreted my first and last names and printed this in the program booklet)

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  1. August 6, 2010 2:30 PM

    I am following you!! I am runnerkelly.

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