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A Physics Lesson

July 28, 2010

So after working with Photoshop for about 2 hours (I’ll show my finished product in a minute), I literally had to talk myself into going to the gym.  I had told Matt that we were going, but then I didn’t want to.  I said that motivating sentence “I’ve never regretted going”, and off I went.  And the endorphins at the end were worth it.

Tonight’s Lifting Session:

  • Pull-ups, 90lbs off of weight, 12X
  • Deadlift, 40 lbs, 12X
  • Smith machine squats, 50 lbs, 12X
  • Side planks, 45 seconds each side
  • Push/Pull with cables, 40 lbs, 12X each side
  • Tricep extensions, 30lbs, 12X each arm
  • Front and Lateral raises, 10 lbs, 12X each
  • Seated bicep curls, 12.5 lbs, 12X each side
  • Repeat 3X

Okay to be honest, I got through this twice.  After I did the deadlifts for the third time (after pull ups for the third time), I discovered that my arms were D-E-A-D!!  So I decided to get some good stretching in.

Also, I’m now aware of the fact that I haven’t been lifting on a regular basis.  I did the front and lateral raises with 10 lbs but only 10X the first round.  For the second round, I lowered the weight to 7.5 lbs and completed 12 reps.

After my issues with the raises, I talked to Matt.  I said “Why are they so hard?”, and Matt responded with an obvious physics answer.  See, we’re both physics nerds!  And here’s your lesson for the day:

Moment = Force x Radius

The force is the weight of the dumbbell.  The radius is the distance from your shoulder to the weight.  The moment is the work (FYI mechanical work is force times distance) that your shoulder is doing to raise that dumbbell.  If you do front and lateral raises with a straight arm, the radius is greater and therefore your arm is working harder.  If you do them with a bent arm, that radius is almost halved, therefore your doing half the work.  Adjust your weight lifting according to what you CAN do.  If you need to take it up a notch, straighten that arm.  If it’s too hard, bend it.

What are ways that you make exercises harder or easier?  Do you love physics as much as I do?  Do you think I’m a giant nerd?

Wedding Monograms

So I worked on some wedding monograms tonight to use with some save-the-dates or other things.  What do you think?

I have an opinion, but I’m curious as to what you all might say.

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  1. July 29, 2010 6:34 PM

    CUTE!!!! I like the first one…the pink with blue writing!!!

  2. July 29, 2010 6:35 PM

    Oh and I love Matt’s physics lesson…smart guy!

  3. Jenny permalink
    August 4, 2010 8:21 PM

    I agree with Kelly . . . pink with blue writing! Nice footballs!


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