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No Excuses

July 19, 2010

So Matt is out of town for the night, which means that I am on dog duty for the next 24 hours.  Mondays I go running after work, and Matt picks up April from doggy day care.  It costs another $5 if we pick her up after 5:30pm.  Obviously this conflicts with my 5:40pm running date.  I very easily could have said, “Christie, I can’t run today.  I have to pick up the dog.”  But I spent $5 for my health!

And I’m glad I did.  We did two miles, and I RAN BOTH OF THEM!  Oh it was a mental game that last half mile, but I just kept saying “go to the next wood pillar.”  We know this trail so well.

Shape up the Nation

Well, we’re into the third round (fifth and sixth week) of Shape Up the Nation at work.  I realized that I never updated after the second round.  Here are my results:

  • 930 minutes of exercise (66 minutes per day)
  • Lost 0.5% of my body weight (about a pound)
  • 149,060 steps (10,647 steps per day)

The exercise and steps were actually down from my first round, but there was a holiday weekend in there.  And yesterday at the Esplanade I had 18,500+ steps! HOLY COW!  Since Matt is gone, I have to give April her 3.5 mile walk at 6:30 in the morning.  Here’s to Round 3!

No pictures for the day, since Matt took my camera on his site visit.  How about a dog picture from yesterday? 

She is so cute playing with her bone!  She does this quite often.

She’s been snuggling with me all night, such a sweetie!  I feel like I can’t get up from the couch, since she’s all snuggled up on me!  🙂

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