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Happy Father’s Day!

June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day!!  Of course my dad is in Cincinnati (and I totally forgot to get him a card), but here’s a few pics of him!

That was August 1984 when I was the flower girl in my Aunt Janean’s wedding.

And the most recent picture with my dad:

I hope you can figure out which one he is!  (Hint:  He’s not Matt or my little brother, Tom)

Anyway, my dad is a big dork and here’s some reasons to love him:

  • Every time when he picked us up from school he would ask “What’s your homework status?”  He would always quiz me on my spelling.  Having a physics teacher for a dad helped out when I didn’t understand impulse/momentum and how the direction of current impacted the sign of electrical components in circuits.  Not going to lie, I love physics and totally aced it thanks to my dad.
  • He made sure that ALL of us know how to keep score in baseball (with the little diamonds and all)
  • Speaking of baseball, he coached my softball team, Tom’s baseball team, and now Robbie’s baseball team (or else is an umpire).
  • He’s one of those obnoxious men that decides he needs to lose a few pounds, runs 2-3 miles per day and is skinny by the next time you see him.
  • He tells really bad jokes, over and over again.  Such as he loves to refer to me as his favorite daughter (I’m his only daughter).

Happy Father’s Day!

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