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Wedding on a Farm

June 7, 2010

Finally I’ll do my post on the wedding from Memorial Day weekend.  It truly was down on the farm.  But first I have to tell you about the bride, Audie.  She was my roommate for a semester in Indy and is one of the funniest, most random, craziest girls you will ever meet.  She loves sports (I wonder if she’s sad that she can’t marry Mike Alstott) and racing.  But then she was in our sorority as well.  Anyway, while we lived together, we joked about being stalkers.  See, I’m pretty good at it on the internet, considering I used to do it pre-Facebook.  For my birthday, she got me some stalking tools.  Here’s the two of us modeling them:

When I saw her at the wedding, she said that she already knew about my wedding since she was stalking my blog.  Audie, it’s time to stalk yourself!

So I flew to Cincinnati and drove with Kathleen (Audie’s big sister from the sorority and my Maid of Honor) up to Demotte, Indiana.  Demotte is about an hour north of West Lafayette (Purdue), and probably less than two hours southeast of Chicago.   Unfortunately, we were early to the wedding since the time changed to central time just as we got to Demotte.  We killed time by grabbing some lunch at DQ (way over dressed) and then sitting at a bench in a park.  Are we creepy adults?

Finally, time for a wedding!  A fifteen minute Catholic wedding.  WOO HOO!!  Then we traveled ten minutes down the road to the groom’s family farm.  Here’s the tent in the middle of the cornfield.  Say what you want about Indiana, but they sure knew how to party!

See a field!

While we awaited the arrival of the bridal party, we had some free booze (oh yeah) and m&m’s with their names on it (there were also some appetizers, but who needs to see them?)

For dinner we had some roast pig and delicious fixin’s! CORN CASSEROLE!

The gorgeous bride!

I love her face when Josh took off the garter with his teeth!

Rocking with her mom

The happy couple

And finally after 8 hours at this rocking party (seriously how was it 8 hours?)  Kathleen and I said our goodbyes:

What a great night!  They love each other so much and truly know how to show people a good time!  Thanks for inviting me!

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  1. Audie permalink
    June 8, 2010 4:53 PM

    wahoo! I’m famous!!!

  2. June 8, 2010 9:06 PM

    Oh yeah! Did you like those old pics from Indy? I was sad that the wedding band never played “Hey Ya!”. It makes me think of you.

    • Audie permalink
      June 10, 2010 1:46 PM

      Yeah whenever that song comes on I shake myself a poloriod picture and remember our carpools to work. Its kinda sad that the newest generation will have no idea what that song even means!
      I was actually looking at those pictures…didn’t it all start with stalking football players? (mainly John Standeford’s butt?)

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