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June 6, 2010

We picked up April today!

We picked her up at the Whisker Walk (a fundraiser out in Lancaster, MA), then we drove to my bells show in Medfield, MA.  On our way, we spotted a park for a little jog.

Matt took her home and kept her occupied with running and walking until I got home.  Then we went over to our friends house to play with their puppy, Trouble.  That’s when the “adventure” started.  We weren’t sure if she could go off lead, but she was being very good.  So we kept the leash on her, but let her go in their 3/4 fenced backyard.  The two were playing so great for about half an hour.  She took off once, but she didn’t go far.  We got a bit too cocky!  After a while, she BOLTED!  She ran down the street, across the street, to the grocery parking lot.  Nobody could stop her.    We were screaming and running after her (in flip flops).  It was so scary.  People were helping us.  We thought she was cornered, and then she took off again . . . holy crap!  We finally caught up with her (actually these guys helped us and so did our friends).  I can’t believe that happened.  We learned our lesson . . .

After that, we decided to settle in and watch the new season of Bridezillas.  April took my spot on the couch!

So, the first episode of Bridezillas takes place in Cincinnati.  It turns out, we were out for Amy’s bachelorette the same night that she was out for her bachelorette.  Therefore . . . we made national television!

From right to left are: Jeff, Nikki, and Sheryl.  In Beckey’s picture you can also see Amy:

She swears I’m there somewhere as well.  I’ll find out.  We don’t have it in widescreen, so we can’t see everything.  CRAZY!

Time for some more Bridezillas and to calm down from today’s excitement.

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