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Cruise Post #4: Day at Sea and Port of Tampa

May 1, 2010

Day at Sea

Our second day at sea was much like our first.  We had some breakfast, laid out by the pool, read our books, relaxed, at dinner.  Yada yada yada . . .

A view of the Caribbean for our final night:

Then we made it to dinner:

Crab cake appetizer

Fried shrimp and curly fries!  (the picture of health, right?)

Well, after a heavy dinner, I made a deal with myself.  Unless there was something absolutely awesome on the dessert specials, I would NOT get the melting chocolate cake for the fourth time, but opt for a lighter dessert:

FRUIT!!  Look at all of those colors!  DELICIOUS!

Matt had the souffle, although he didn’t like it so much.

After dinner we headed to the final show of the trip, which featured passengers as the performers.  I really should have tried out for this.  Some of the people were GREAT, but some definitely could have used some more talent rehearsal.

I then proceeded to have a few drinks, and perform my own renditions of the songs for Matt in our room.  He was thrilled!

Disembarkation and Tampa

The disembarkation was interesting.  We had to get up at 7:45am to make it in time for breakfast.  Then we were hanging out in our room with the door open, waiting on our number to be called.  We were off of the boat by 10am.

While we were waiting, I had to take a picture of the boat carpet.

It’s orange and purple!  CLEMSON!  Every time we walked around (which we did A LOT), I thought of Clemson.

A great friend of mine from college, Mellissa, lives in Orlando and it didn’t take too much arm twisting to have her meet us for the day in the Tampa.  YAY!!  But I told her noon, so we just hung out in a courtyard by the boats until she arrived.

That’s our boat!

Finally Mellissa showed up and we had some lunch, went bowling, then hung out in a mall until our flight at 7pm.

YAY!!  So back in the day, I was living in Chicago for the semester.  Mellissa was supposed to come visit for the weekend.  She called Friday afternoon and asked if we could drive with her mom and grandma to the Mall of America (in Bloomington, MN) instead.  SURE!  ROAD TRIP!  That Saturday we spent TWELVE hours in the MoA.  We road the roller coaster, ate lunch, had dinner with my friend, Jan, and eventually saw the movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”.  We’re very good at hanging out at malls!

Anyway, there’s our trip.  I do have a list of things that I learned or surprised me on the cruise:

  • How many people still smoke!  We had to walk through it sometimes in our way around the decks.  UGH!  Such a nasty habit.
  • Also, how much people drink.  My bar tab at the end of the week was about $80.  One of the raffle prizes was to pay someone’s bar tab up to $500.  HOLY COW!  People were drinking so much.
  • Maybe research a bit more the ports and decide where to do excursions.
  • Having a flexible dining time was great.  We only had to wait on the two days at sea, and even then it was like only 20 minutes.
  • Everyone was SO NICE!  Our ship was full of nice, helpful staff.  The waitress we had the first two nights was so helpful and pointed out what was good on the menu.
  • Despite eating lots of food,I actually felt like I lost weight.  I think it was from walking up and down dozens of flights of stairs every day.  I only have to walk up and down 4 steps in my daily life.
  • Our cabin was very spacious!
  • I didn’t take my engagement ring so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it.  I probably would have been okay, but at least I didn’t have to worry about it.

I hope that you all get to take vacations sometime soon!  It was so relaxing!

I have tons more pictures that I didn’t put here.  But if you’re so inclined, check them out on Facebook.

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