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Cruise Post #3: Belize City and Isla Roatan

April 29, 2010

Belize City

When we started planning our trip, we decided that we would try to just go to the beach at the ports.  Maybe do another excursion aside from Cozumel, but we didn’t want to “over exert” ourselves.

Well, if you ever go to Belize City on a cruise DO A SNORKELING EXCURSION!  Or something.  We decided that we’d just walk around.  A friend of mine had given me several books on Belize, and we decided to take a short walking tour guided by the book.  I apparently didn’t read the sentence “Most people’s favorite activity in Belize City is to leave.”  It’s not such a nice town.

We docked at a little shopping center that you need to have a cruise boat ID to get into (to keep away the people trying to sell/steal stuff).  Matt and I braved walking through people harassing us (and asking us if we needed a taxi) to go on our walking tour.

Here’s the post office:

And a monument for WWI (“The Great War”)

And a “light house” with a memorial to Baron Bliss

Being the dorky structural engineers that we are, we had to take a picture of this shoring

Those are just little “trees” that are supporting the  floor until it has hardened and can hold itself up.  Very strange.

About halfway through our walking tour, we met up with a couple from LA (another big city, so we knew how to ignore people begging) and completed our tour.  We somehow missed the American Embassy, but I didn’t really want to stop too long and look for things.


Enchiladas for supper (just branching out into that Mexican food!)

Bread pudding!  I was disappointed in the lack of chocolate in this dessert, but it was delicious nonetheless.

Towel animal:

Giraffe with chubby legs?

Isla Roatan

This was our favorite stop on the cruise. Isla Roatan is an island off the coast of Honduras and is so green and beautiful.  We woke up late, and didn’t realize that (due to strong winds) we were not near the beach.  So we had to make a decision to go to the beach and get back before the ship left.  Luckily we spoke with a security guard in port who informed us that we had to pay a taxi to take us to the beach, but that he would wait for us and bring us back.

Our cab driver was Jose who spoke English “un poquito”.   Fortunately Matt took Spanish in high school (you know like 10 years ago), so the two of them pieced together a conversation for the 30 minute drive to the beach and back.  I took 6 years of French, so I could help a little bit in starting a word.  (obviously not the same though).

So $20 per person for a ride to the beach, and we were off.

Here’s a view at a stop along our curvy drive from Coxen Hole port to the beach:

See, green!

Jose took us to a private beach club where we had to pay $10 per person.  At least the accomodations were nice:

There’s Matt relaxing on his beach bed.  (Back off, girls, he’s mine!)

And a few pictures of the beach:

And our view was boats!  See the banana boat on the right?  It reminded me of “Jaws” when the shark attacks the people on the banana boat.

We spent a nice, relaxing hour and a half on the beach (relaxing aside from the people who would constantly ask us if we wanted to buy something or have a massage).  Then back to the boat.

Since Jose was so friendly we gave him a $10 tip.  So add that all up and we spent $70 to go to the beach for 1.5 hours!  WOO HOO!

I took a bazillion pictures from the boat looking at the island, but I’ll spare you the repetition.  Here’s some good ones from our balcony looking back at the port:

Isn’t it gorgeous!  I loved the hilly, green drive to the beach.  Ahhh . . . I miss Cincinnati.

Time for our second formal night of the cruise:

Don’t I fail at taking pictures?  We did this on a timer and put the camera on a sign.  Unfortunately, the boat rocks, and the camera tipped back.  So we have a lovely view of the ceiling!

My appetizer was eggplant with cheese.

Cherry soup for Matthew!

A whole chicken just for me!

And Matt had a raspberry chocolate cake dessert.  Very rich.  Needed milk!

We then went to the big show of the night “Down in New Orleans”.  I had to listen to “The Princess and the Frog” soundtrack when we got  back to the room.  One of my favorite songs that they sang was “Jambalaya (Down on the Bayou)”, which reminds me of the beginning of “Steel Magnolias” at the wedding.  (one of my favorite movies of all time).

Towel animal upon our return:

It’s a monkey!  We kept him up there for the rest of the cruise to see if he would ever fall down.  He didn’t!

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