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Wedding Inspiration

April 21, 2010

Since the test will be over when this is published, that means it’s time to get to what everyone is really anxious about . . . the wedding.

Like I said, I’ve been planning this since I was little, so I have some ideas in place.  But I do get inspired by new things every day.  I won’t reveal all of my ideas just yet (some of them need to be surprises to the guests!), but I did spend some time making an inspiration board!

In case you can’t tell from my blog set up, my favorite color is blue, followed closely by pink.  (These two colors along with purple and red are the ONLY colors in my closet that AREN’T related to a school I attended.)  Luckily, Matt’s favorite color is also blue.  Below is my inspiration board (made using Mosaic Maker) using cobalt blue and hot pink:

(Sources:  Wedding Dress by Priscilla of Boston, Bridesmaid Dress by Alfred Angelo, Ring Bearer Pillow, Ring, Roses, Peonies, Multi-colored Cupcakes, and all others from The Knot)

It’s a work in progress.

Other thoughts that I’ve had as far as details go:

  • I want to carry a bouquet with big open hot pink roses.  I just love HUGE roses.  So maybe a peony or two will also show up.
  • I’m thinking of naming the tables after landmarks in our lives (i.e. Clemson’s Memorial Stadium or Purdue’s Bell Tower).  Hopefully we can also incorporate a picture of one (or both of us) there along with a little diddy about why that particular place means something to us.
  • You’ll notice that I have two pictures of cupcakes.  Well, you see, our first date was on my birthday.  After dinner, Matt casually invited me back to his apartment, where I discovered that he had made me cupcakes!!  Since then, he makes me cupcakes every year for my birthday.  A friend of his actually had these wonderful delicious cupcakes at his wedding, and I’d love to have some sort of set up like they did.  So far nothing has caught my eye as much as theirs did:

(Source: Kristin and Matt’s wedding, HI!!)

Come to think of it, the colors I want are VERY similar to hers.  Guess we both like bright colors.  My biggest complaint about a lot of wedding decor is how bland it is.  I don’t wear black and white (alone) on a regular basis, so my wedding sure as heck ain’t gonna be an all white affair!

So there’s your wedding update fix for while I’m on vacay.  Much more to come, I’m sure.

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  1. April 21, 2010 11:52 AM

    I LOVE that wedding dress inspiration. I’m also a huge fan of the cobalt and hot pink!

    I think cupcakes are the way to go too. You can have all kinds of different flavors that way.

  2. April 21, 2010 12:38 PM

    I love peonies!!! That was my wedding flower!!! 🙂


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