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April Fool’s Date

April 2, 2010

I have had a wonderful two days off from the office!  (WOOHOO!!)  Yesterday my only accomplishments were a load of laundry and I actually went to the gym for the first time in two weeks.  I actually started to become giddy as I pulled into the parking lot.  My muscles were ready for some good hard lifting!

Matt has to go out of town this weekend, so we moved our usual Friday night date to Thursday.  After ready Kelly’s post on TCBY in Belmont, we went on an adventure to find it.  I’ve looked for it MULTIPLE times, but couldn’t see it while driving. But we found it last night!  Unfortunately, the food choices around Belmont center were not that great.  We ended up at a Thai restaurant.  The food was okay, but the service was V E  R  Y    S L O   O  O     O    W.

I got a shrimp and vegetable dish:

Isn’t that the greatest picture ever . . . NOT!

Then we headed down to TCBY.  I think I figured out why it’s closing soon.  It was being run by three “punk kids” (as we call them) with no uniforms and a backwards hat . . . GASP!  I got a vanilla sundae with hot fudge and reese’s pieces . . . mmmm!

Today I spent watching more trashy TV (did anyone else see the Kardashian’s where Scott gets SH**FACED!?! in Vegas?), tackling my incredible mound of laundry from the past two-three weeks:

Yes, that’s my messy “closet” (it’s the tiny third bedroom that I made into a closet).

I also accomplished 17 steel practice problems!  And was researching wedding photograhers (aka sat on my butt for a while).

Tomorrow I’m studying and then heading to my mom’s for Easter and the final four (and of course wedding will be discussed).  What are your plans for the holiday weekend?

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