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Something smells fishy!

January 27, 2010

I hope it’s not my breath.

Yeah, I had a bit of fish today . . . but let’s start with my 6:30am training session!

UGH!  6:30 comes awful early!  I got up at 6:15, changed into my workout clothes, grabbed a peanut butter spoon and a banana and made it to the gym by 6:30.  The session totally kicked my butt today.  It involved a lot of full body moves like kettle bell swing, clean and presses, lunges with kettle bells, etc.  My second time through, I had to lay down right before the abs at the end.  My trainer told me that I went completely white.  That’s the second time it’s happened.  My HR was at like 173 bpm.  I’m trying to figure out if this is related to:

(a) my cardio out of shape ness

(b) my low blood pressure

(c) not enough fuel or water before working out

(d) it’s the butt crack of dawn!

Thoughts?  I’m leaning towards dehydration right now (must hydrate the night before).

Afterward, I came home and laid down for about an hour.  My trainer told me to make sure and eat some protein.  I wasn’t feeling hungry, but I felt weak.  So after my nap, I had a “snack” of tuna and sweet relish.  This is how my mom used to make “tuna salad” (minus the mayo) when I was little.  Now I’ve developed my taste buds a bit more (including things like celery or capers), but this was a quick and easy way to consume 21 g of protein!

I apologize for the lack of pictures.  My camera is at work.  I’ll add photos tomorrow.

Anyway, for lunch I decided to have some sushi (had a craving), so I picked up some brown rice california rolls at Shaw’s.  It was okay.  They didn’t give me NEARLY enough pickled ginger for the amount of sushi.  SO SAD! 😦

Snack was a peanut butter cookie Luna bar.  Then dinner was peanut butter & apple.  Need some more fruits and veggies, huh?  Could go get some celery and hummus while we’re watching “Psych”.

So I finished “In Defense of Food” last night.  I’ll update about it soon.  I am so angry that I missed Michael Pollan on Oprah today.  I didn’t find out about until after the fact.  And I can’t figure out how to use On Demand with our current cable set up (we have a Tivo DVR, not Comcast DVR).  I watched about 4 minutes of his interview on  He was practically quoting his book, so nothing new for me!

Have a great evening!

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  1. January 28, 2010 7:36 PM

    I agree about the Michael Pollan interview. Not so sure why blog world was all abuzz about it. In his short time on air, he didn’t say anything that we food bloggers didn’t already know!

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