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If you give a Matt a SKOOKIE!

January 16, 2010

He’s going to want a glass of milk!  Which is why I made him pick up some more milk at the grocery!

Anyway, back to the beginning of Friday.  Slept in a bit, studied for the PE for two hours.  Went to the gym (did one of my training sessions with the “spider man” and back and side extensions.  Totally feeling it today, especially in my shoulders, weird . . )  Anyway, did some laundry.  Going out of town for two weeks and then a third week with the wedding, I had NO clean clothes (at least clothes that I wanted to wear outside the house!)  So after that (and some more “southwest shepherd’s pie”), another two hours at the library for the PE.  Hooray for conjugate beam method of analysis!

Matt gave the choice for dinner, and I had been thinking about Bison County over on Moody street.  It is REALLY good BBQ.  Not the HEALTHIEST but everything in moderation, right?

So I had the pulled chicken (which is a combination of their South Carolina/mustard based and Texas/ketchup based.) and sweet potato fries:

I had about 2/3 of the meat with the bottom bun and about 2/3 of fries.  I like their fries, since they don’t have any yucky cinnamon on it!  Oh yeah, and a small piece of cornbread!  YUMMY!

Then I had a surprise for Matt . . . (but we had to pick up the ice cream at the grocery, so he figured out a bit of it) IT WAS SKOOKIE TIME!

I got this Skookie kit as a “Thank you” gift at work back in like September, but hadn’t used it yet:

It comes with two little cast-iron skillets, two little handle hot pads, and cookie mix.  There’s also a little book of recipes that you can use with the skillets.  I should investigate things like quesedillas, omelets, etc.  Any ideas for tiny skillets?

Anyway, despite the fact that it is practically illegal to use mixes for baked goods, I decided to use it up and make a tasty cookie sundae for Matt and me to share.  Here is the cookie in the skillet ready to go in the oven (blackberry for size comparison):

And a tasty sundae for two with double churned moose tracks and light chocolate syrup!  (May have used a bit too much ice cream, since it was spilling out the sides and now I have to wash our hot pad!)

Then we watched “Night at the Museum 2”, which was so funny!  GREAT DATE!!

We also accomplished another MAJOR task of the night: WE BOOKED OUR CRUISE!!

We are going on Carnival’s Legend out of Tampa Bay going to the Western Caribbean!  We had been investigating plane tickets for a while, which is why we hadn’t booked it yet.  Since we are going LITERALLY the day after the PE, the following week is Patriot’s day, so Matt only has to spend four days of vacation.  Unfortunately, that corresponds to April vacation in Boston so plane tickets were expensive and NOT likely to go down.  So we did the “what if we flew to Tampa vs. Miami?”  or “What about flying out of Manchester, Providence, or Hartford?”  ARGH!  It made my head hurt!  So glad it’s over.    All settled with plane tickets, cruise reservations, and a hotel the night before in Tampa!  Just have to go get my passport! (And fill out the information for Carnival).  Any cruise suggestions?

Another 4.5 hours of studying today (only halfway through Steel!), eating ice cream for dinner (don’t you love being a grown up?) and watching Drew and Peyton!  No studying tomorrow!

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  1. January 17, 2010 9:39 AM

    I love sweet potato fries!

    And that cookie sundae! Oh my gosh. That looks amazing.

    I’ve never been on a cruise. Can’t wait to hear about yours.

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