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Amy’s Wedding Day!

January 12, 2010

And now we are to “the Big Day”! 

I had rented an SUV in order to have LOTS of room for wedding stuff.  Thank goodness!  Woke up at 9:30am to get prepared, pick up lunch items, and then the bride at 11:00am.  She was a bit tired, having not really slept the night before.  But we picked up all of her stuff (dress+accoutrements) and made it to the hair place by 11:30!!


While Amy was getting her makeup done, Beckey and I headed (literally) across the street, to pick up the flowers.  The florist was very afraid of the flowers freezing, so we had to warm the car up and then I sat in the parking lot with the car running while everyone finished up with the hair/makeup.  That’s okay; it gave me a chance to practice my MOH speech!

Thank goodness I got the SUV, we barely had room for Alison in the backseat with all of our crap!  So finally we made it down to the Westin right on Fountain Square to get ready in (what would become that night) the honeymoon suite.

Here’s where Anne runs into the mirror.  So the room was set up with an angled hallway from the hotel hallway leading into the main room.  There was a full length mirror on the angled wall which would look right into the hotel hallway.  I brought in a few items, then turned to go back to the cart full of stuff.  I saw it in the mirror and totally thought it was the door!  I didn’t know it was a mirror until I hit it, full on!  Fell down laughing hysterically!  Broke the tension!  That’s what I’m here for!

After that little adventure, we all settled into the room and had some lunch:  sandwiches, fruit, veggies, cookies, and mimosas!



Don’t you like the cute plates?  We totally took a picture with them later on! Can’t wait to see it!

After sitting around a bit, we decided that the girls had to get ready in order to help get Amy ready.  I just realized that I have very few pictures of getting ready, especially with helping Amy, since I was right in the thick of it!  I got a bit close up and personal with Amy while putting on her garter! 😉

Finally, time to take some pictures!  Took a few in the hotel lobby, and then braved the bitter cold for a snapshot outside at Fountain Square.  It was in the low teens I think.  Also, there were tons of Bengals fans milling about heading to the playoff game just a few blocks away.  I was smart and wore my snow boots until we got to the church.

Next on the itinerary: CEREMONY!  It was at the beautiful, Gothic Norman Chapel in Spring Grove.  The only bad part was that we had to walk around to the front (OUTSIDE!) in order to walk down the aisle.  We all shivered, but looked beautiful walking down the aisle.  Simple ceremony, and I was entertained my Amy’s three year old niece who decided to bother her sisters by shoving her basket of flowers in the face and then (when that didn’t work) repeatedly burped in their faces! 

Pictures, then up to the reception (after checking in to the hotel and taking the shuttle to the country club).

Amy always wanted a winter wedding.  She got her wish with the 6+ inches of beautiful white snow on the ground.  The cake and decor were also “snowflake” themed.




MOH speech went pretty well.  In the middle of it, I was reminded of something inappropriate and started giggling.  Amy thought I was crying (or else trying to cover up the inappropriate giggling!).  I was also impressed that she remembered the OSU/Purdue football game in 2003 (It was at the ‘Shoe.  OSU won in overtime due to a missed field goal).  Yeah, I talked about football in my MOH speech!

After all of the eating and talking (where’s my picture of dinner?  I swear I took one!  It was fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, and green beans), we did our “Rock the Reception” dance.  I wonder if it’ll show up on YouTube.  Well recap:  Started with Amy and Paul dancing to  “Hey Ya!” and we shook our polaroid pictures!  Then they continued with “I Like Big Butts”.  Then the girls came on stage with “Hey Mickey”

I love the look on Amy’s and my faces!

Next was the guys with some song, and we all came together with “JUMP ON IT!”  Finally we ended with “Thriller”



Another fun feature of the wedding was the “photobooth” set up.  It was a bit like the prom pictures from high school (which is appropriate, since we are all friends from high school).  Here are few highlights: (all photos copyrighed by


Oh yeah, and so the part where I get sick:  My game plan was not to drink until AFTER the toasts.  Unfortunately, since the reception was so late, this only left about 2 hours of drinking.  Also I had already eaten, so the alcohol didn’t hit my system very quickly.  Therefore I kept drinking and not feeling anything, so I kept drinking more.  BAD MISTAKE!  I had about 5 glasses of wine and 2 glasses of champagne in two hours.  I didn’t feel horrible until we got back to the hotel and suddenly the room wouldn’t stop spinning.  I didn’t throw up, although I thought I would.  Nope, I threw up at 11am the next day (after breakfast) and then again at 6pm (after lunch).  ARGH!  So mad at myself.  I haven’t been sick from alcohol since college! (Five years ago!)

WONDERFUL WEEKEND!  Many great memories and photos.  Now it’s back to working, studying, and “getting back on track” with exercise and food.


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  1. January 12, 2010 8:45 PM

    Look at that split. Believe it or not, I used to be able to do that. I’m not even close now!

    Sorry you got sick 😦 It happens from time to time.


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