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Leading up to THE BIG DAY

January 11, 2010

Well, I’m back in Boston.  Sorry to be MIA for a few days, but I was a bit busy (actually not that busy then CRAZY busy).

Anyway, Thursday it snowed at least 6 inches in Cincinnati.  They called off school, so my dad (a teacher) and little brother were home.  My dad made pancakes (which I forgot to photograph), and I supplemented it with a grapefruit.

(Other half not pictured, but consumed)  I was just thinking the other day that I hadn’t had citrus in a L-O-N-G time.  And with this weather, the vitamin C should be good for me!

I sat around all day and really should have been studying, but watching “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” was much more entertaining (despite my dad’s insitance that the girls were idiots!).

I did at least an hour of practicing for our dancing at the wedding.  Good cardio, right?  Right before we went out to do errands, I had some salad that I had picked up at Kroger and some PB crackers. 

Finally Amy and I ventured into the snow (the roads were HORRIBLE).  We went to Kinko’s to print off the programs, then to two different malls in search of bridesmaid jewelry and shoes/clothes for Amy.  Success on the jewelry, not so much on anything else. 

Afterwards we headed to Beckey’s to put together the programs.  After an hour and a half discussion on WHERE the ribbon should go, we got underway.  We also put together some bubbles and “polaroid pictures” for our dance (guess what song we used!?!).

Unfortunately, Beckey has a cat.  I dont’ know what it is about certain houses or certain cats, but within half an hour I was wheezing!  I hate it!  It stayed with me through the night and I wheezed a bit Friday morning.  It just hurts to breathe out.  I even took two Claritin’s in the 24 hours before going over there! UGH!

Friday I woke up early to finish the bubbles and do a quick run through of the dances.  I also did a few push ups, dips, and sit ups while I was in my workout gear.  Then I went down to the airport to pick up Grace (another bridesmaid) and we headed to Panera for lunch.  We whiled away the afternoon chatting and rehearsing the dance, before picking up Matt at the airport and heading to the rehearsal.

After the rehearsal (that took way too long!  Seriously the minister went through everything like 20 times!), dinner at the Claddaugh Irish Pub.  Tasty chicken and mashed potatoes.  Then onto Jeff’s house for DANCE REHEARSAL!

The guys totally had their parts down.

And the girls were good at their “Hey Mickey” cheerleading!

Got home about midnight and went right to bed.

Will post later on the wedding itself.  Highlights:

  • Anne runs into a mirror!
  • We freeze outside!!
  • Dancing goes off successfully!
  • Anne drinks WAY too much!
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  1. January 11, 2010 7:56 PM

    Love the dancing pic! Pictures of me dancing only occur when “Lily drinks WAY too much.”

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