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December 23, 2009

Gotta do this quick.  Plane leaves in three hours!  Ride to airport will be here in one hour!

Yesterday was a weird day.  I had to make up a training session for work, so I did my personal trainer at 4pm.  It was my last session of the 10 weeks, but I’m planning on renewing.  I have to change to mornings though in order to follow the PE studying schedule.  I figure if I have someone waiting for me at the gym, I’ll get up more.  Although I should warn her that I won’t be my usual chipper self.  I’m not exactly a morning person.  GRUMBLE GRUMBLE!

Anyway, after training I went home for a quick bite, then back to work for 3 hours of learning about how to evaluate a building after a disaster, as in, could people go back into it or not.

I settled in at my desk with a nice veggie snack of carrot/celery sticks and chipotle hummus.  Mmmmmm

Afterwards, came home to watch “Miracle on 34th Street” and take down the tree.  We don’t want our ornaments to be lost in a droopy tree while we leave for vacation.  Also, it’s a bit of a fire hazard.  So I thought that I had never seen “Miracle of 34th Street”, but I definitely remember the end.  It was really funny though.  I couldn’t believe the part where the store manager tries to get his wife drunk in order to convince her to let Kris Kringle stay with them.  IN A KIDS MOVIE!?!

Also, I kept waiting for them to say “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”.  Silly me, that’s not in the movie.  It’s based on an Editorial in the New York Times back in the day.  Oh well.

Woke up this morning sore in my lats and delts (and I didn’t think we worked that hard!).  And here are my recent food adventures to show that I’m branching out.

Everyone keeps raving about Greek yogurt, so I figured, what the heck.  I don’t like yogurt!  I just find the smell and taste (and maybe texture) a bit nauseating.  So I thought I’d combat that with adding granola.  Nope, this yogurt is still yucky.  I wonder if it freezes though.  I used to freeze  yogurt, and can stomach it that way.  So in order to add protein to my lunch/snack, I just rooted around in the granola for the almonds.  I’m actually not really hungry now either.  Weird . . . maybe there is something to the whole serving of nuts thing . . .

And then I found this at the grocery store:

Mini clif bars! They’re only 80 calories each, so I’m going to keep them at my desk for snacktime.  I’ve now tried all three flavors in the box.  Peanut butter is my fav (OBVIOUSLY!)  The fudge brownie is a bit sweet or something.  Anyway, taking a few with me on the trip too!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!  I’m going to take my laptop with me.  I think that M’s family has wireless, so I should update every once in a while.  Also, if you noticed my holiday workout plan, I was planning on running this morning.  However I decided to sleep in and do a bit of a “rest week”.  According to the New Rules of Weighlifting for Women, you are supposed to take a rest week every 6-10 weeks and have it line up with your life.  So, I will be resting for at least a few days while we celebrate the holidays and travel.


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  1. December 23, 2009 5:58 PM

    Have a safe trip!

    I’m shocked that you don’t like yogurt. Very un-food blogger! 🙂

  2. December 23, 2009 9:33 PM

    Yeah, I know. I tried. Seriously, freezing it works though.


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