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Productive Day Off

December 12, 2009

But no studying was accomplished . . .  shhh!!!

So I began my first Friday off by trying another version of oatmeal:

This version included Strawberry preserves and some cashew butter.  The strawberry preserves were DELICIOUS (of course).  I enjoyed every bite that contained a chunk of strawberry.  I also think that I don’t like HOT oatmeal.  Somehow it tastes different when it’s so hot.  I enjoy it just warm.  So it took me about 10-15 minutes (maybe more?) to finish the bowl just nibbling away.

Then I went shopping for some stuff, like M’s Christmas present.  I knew that I had to do it and get it home to wrap it while he wasn’t around.  Came home after 2 hours of shopping and had some leftovers from last night!  The chicken definitely needs some more flavor.  But still love me some guacamole!

After fueling up, I moved onto WRAPPING CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!!  Here’s the finished product so far:

This includes three presents for M, one for my mom, one for my stepdad, and M’s birthday present (his birthday is three days after Christmas).

On of my other purchases of the day was a fancy-schmancy crock pot!

So Lee (and anyone else) bring on the recipes!  I’ll take anything that you like.  Also, M doesn’t like onions or peppers (many veggies in general), so if you have any that don’t include those, share them as well!  Hopefully I’ll be updating soon with tasty uses for the crockpot myself!

Finally, the remainder of the day was spent running and a bit of whittle my middle at the gym (one minute each of plank, side planks, plank on stability ball, and jack-knifes).   Then onto date night with M!  A Friday Tradition!

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  1. December 12, 2009 3:58 PM

    Ahhhh! Looking at your presents is making me feel a sense of urgency about starting to wrap mine!

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