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The weather outside is frightful

December 9, 2009

Let it Snow Rain!  Let it Snow Rain!  Let it Snow Rain!

Yes, winter nastiness has descended upon Boston.  We woke up to the following:

The roads were yucky.  I think that the plows know that it’s changing to rain, and therefore haven’t plowed ANYTHING!! I was driving extra slowly this morning. 

Also, since it’s changing to rain/ice, everyone in parking lot has done a peculiar thing: they put up their windshield wipers so that they don’t freeze.

I swear I have never seen this before I moved to Boston.  So weird.  I don’t know if it really works, or if the wipers then just get frozen in the up position.

So recap from last night:

Went to PT (a few minutes late, don’t you love the last minute crunches at work just before you have to leave).  It was a difficult routine which included “jump push-ups”, where you do a push-up and then jump off of your hands.   I managed to do 12 each round (2 rounds) with doing push-ups from my feet (not my knees), which my trainer said that not many people can do!!  GO ME!  I also introduced her to my Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor.  She always wondered why I kept looking at my “watch” during training!  Speaking of the HRM, I added a tab called Exercise in case anyone was curious as to what my physical activities entail. 

Came home from PT and had  a nice bowl of chili.  I bought a can of Hormel Turkey Chili and made some additions.  I added some red kidney beans, chili powder, dried minced onions, and cinnamon (just like Skyline Chili).  I split the can into two portions (like the Nutrition Facts actually say!?!)  so guess what I have for lunch today?  

Don’t you also love my Tivo remote!?!  Don’t get me started on the joys of the “bloop bloop”. 

I was a bit alarmed at the amount of sodium in the canned chili (although not surprised).  Luckily, I am blessed with LOW blood pressure (like 100/60), so I don’t pay that much attention.  As long as I don’t have this EVERYDAY, I figure I’m okay. 

I hope that everyone has survived this winter storm and we’ll be ready for the next one.  Hopefully that’s a REAL storm!

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