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Christmas Time is Here

December 1, 2009

Yes, we have put up a tree.  But first thing’s first:  FOOD!

Yesterday for lunch I had my leftover pizza from Flatbread, which is a great organic, locally grown, community supporting company that we first learned about through my friend Katie when they did a fundraiser for her rabbits!  We went Sunday night after bells and I had a chicken pizza that included corn, blackbeans, lime cilantro sour cream and JALAPENOS!!  (Let me tell you how much water I drank that night).  Here’s the leftovers:

On the way home from work, M and I stopped to get our Christmas tree (of course it was raining, so the tree was wet and we had to wait to put the lights on).  So while we waited, I made a random meal out of a pizza panini thing (pepperoni, mozzarella, ham, tomato sauce, and herbs), some left over sweet potato casserole, and carrots (so as to have some sort of veggie).  Good news is I was full all night long!  Must start eating a bit more healthy though.

Onto the tree, here is the progression of the tree:


I have tons of ornaments (M put up his 6 ornaments and sat down).  YAY CHRISTMAS!! 

P.S.  The tv is turned to ESPN.  While we were Christmasing, we were also watching the Saints vs. Patriots.  YAY! DREW WON!!  Boiler up!

Anybody else getting ready for Christmas?  Or like the Saints? =-)


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