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Thanksgiving Food Part 2

November 30, 2009

Well, the favorite holiday has come and gone.  Here is a pictorial recap of the food of the weekend:

The spread (and my beautiful cousin, Ellen)

My plate: roll, mashed potatoes, peach, peas, sweet potato casserole, balsamic onions, broccoli, turkey, and stuffing.

Brunch ring (in log shape)

Ginger carrot soup and curried Indian pototes.

Not pictured: chocolate chip cookies, multiple glasses of wine, crab cake, second helping of mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes for dinner, toast with gravy for breakfast, caramel-chocolate popcorn, banana, chick-fil-a and TCBY on the way back. 

Wow that sounds like a lot, but really, I didnt’ feel like I binged that much.  It’s just there is always so much snacky foods around.  And I did go running Wednesday before we left, and then Friday (after shopping).  Friday, I made M go twice (since he’d already gone with my friend while I was shopping).  We did about two miles, approximately 30 minutes, 300 calories, max HR 183, avg HR 160 (whoa!). 

Here’s a gratuitous picture of my cousin’s new dog (and my aunt’s dog) all dressed up:

Buster is wearing a blue Snuggie for dogs.  And Piper (the newest addition) is wearing a “bad to the bone” t-shirt.  So cute! 

We got back to Beantown about 10pm Saturday night. It took us 11 hours on the way down, and 10 hours on the way back.  Stupid New Jersey Turnpike!  Four hours in the armpit of America! 

Sunday I had a bells concert, but stuck to my routine of weight lifting in the morning.  I did my training routine from last week 2.5 times.  Stats: 56 minutes, 456 calories, 176 max HR, 143 avg HR, pretty darn good! 

Here’s hoping I get right back on the bandwagon and focus on exercising and eating well!

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