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Quick T-Day update

November 26, 2009

Well, we made it to Bethany (after 11 hours!  stupid Jersey!).  I woke up about 8 to get in a quick run.  Just did 3 0.5miles and a bit of walking.  Plus I did a few of the exercises I read on “whittle my middle”.  400 calories, 45 minutes, 148 avg HR, 201 max HR (SERIOUSLY!)

Lunch was 6 piece nuggets and fries at McDonalds (totally healthy!) and then dinner was a grilled chicken wrap over at Sonic.  Had a few glasses of wine and some snacks when we got here to the beach.  On to Thanksgiving!

Seriously, it’s my favorite holiday.  I love my mom’s family and cousins.  So my healthy plan for the day is:

  • fill up half of the plate with veggies
  • only go back for seconds if it’s veggies
  • don’t fret over it all!  REMEMBER IT’S ONLY A DAY!! ONLY A MEAL!  ENJOY THE FAMILY TIME!
  • go running the day before and day after!  Surround the day with physical activities!

HAVE A GREAT TURKEY DAY!  Hopefully more pictures for tomorrow! =-)

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