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TWO days of rest and a new ‘do!

November 21, 2009

Well I took Thursday off from exercising INTENTIONALLY.  And I splurged a bit on our date.  We went to The Naked Fish where I was hungry so we ordered buffalo chicken fingers for appetizers and then a grilled seafood salad for main entree.  I thought it was a pretty good balance.  THEN we went to Lizzie’s for ice cream.   Funny side story:  M and I both LOVE peanut butter and chocolate, so one of us will usually get that for ice cream.  I assumed he would, so I had decided (in my head) to get chocolate cookie dough.  Then I said “M, what are you getting?”  He replied “Chocolate cookie dough.”  WHAT!?!  We are so alike sometimes!  So I got the peanut butter cup and he got the chocolate cookie dough.

Anyway, it’s all about balance, right, so here’s a picture of one of my healthy “balancing” foods for yesterday:

It was the zero point veggie soup.  Unfortunately, I didn’t measure my veggies, so it’s a bit too much cabbage and not enough broth.  So I put in seasoned salt, and gulped it down.  At least I got in veggies, right?

Anyway, the plan for today was that I would get my hair cut and then leave work early to go to the gym.  Unfortunately, the best laid plans . . .  for the second friday in a row, I have been waylaid at work trying to get a calculation out.  And tonight I had bells rehearsal (rescheduled from Thursday) so there was no way the workout was going to happen!  NOT SO HAPPY BRIDESMAID!

But here’s a before and after for the new do!

Yes, that’s my bathroom at home and bathroom at work.  I was actually told by several people today that my hair didn’t look so bad long.   I figured it was at least an inch too long. And it was in a ponytail by mid afternoon almost everyday.  I like it short.  At least some sort of style.    M might like it a bit shorter.  It’s still the same soft, shiny hair though, no matter what.

Here’s hoping tomorrow’s plans work out.  I’d like to do a lifting workout before bells rehearsal.

P.S. the pictures are taken in a mirror, so there is a ring on my RIGHT hand, not my LEFT!

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