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dance, dance, dance

November 19, 2009

Well, true to my plan for the week, I finally made it back to ballet after a month’s hiatus.  For those who don’t know, “Dude, Ballet’s hard!”  Seriously, the stats from last night are: 90 minutes, 514 calories, avg H.R 114 (not great cardio), max HR 170 (hey it gets up there in petite allegro!)

And true to the plan, I am taking today to rest.  My calves and achilles (and a bit of my thighs) are killing me.  I’m even purposefully wearing flat shoes.   

To throw a wrench in my week’s plan, bells was cancelled tonight and moved to Friday.   Hopefully I can still get my work done and leave early Friday for a workout before bells.  I just really need to rest my body today.  Resting is so important.  My body needs a day to heal from the running, lifting, and dancing.  POUND POUND POUND!

But I do love dance.  Ballet is so relaxing sometimes.  Of course my favorite parts I think are adagio or grand allegro.  The stuff at the barre is great for toning, warming you up, and working on form, but the true part of dance is out on the floor where you actually . . . dance!

Have a great Thursday!

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