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A Case of the Dropsies

November 18, 2009

Good workout yesterday with the trainer.  We went through the routine three times!  The routine included a lot of cardio, with a bit of lifting.  I had to remember how to jump rope.  I finally did it about 45 seconds straight in the last run through.  YAY!!  So 58 minutes, 485 calories (including stretching cool down), Max HR 182 (WOW!) Avg HR 144!

Afterwards, we went grocery shopping (since the grocery is right next to our gym, we usually go after workingout, when we’re hungry (BAD) and feeling healthy/motivated (GOOD!)) and I bought stuff to make two recipes:  Bubble Up Pizza from Heather’s website  and Turkey Tettrazini from “Clean Eating” magazine, so  I can use up the leftover turkey from practice Thanksgiving.

I forgot like two ingredients for the Turkey dish, so I went with Bubble Up Pizza.  Here it is before baking (and without cheese):


I make it with ground turkey (since I really don’t eat red meat), and added red, orange, and yellow bell peppers along with black olives!  SO TASTY!

Here it is after cooking:


Unfortunately, 45 minutes after this was taken, I put foil on and was putting it in the fridge when . . . PLOP!!  Dropped the whole thing on the floor.  I didn’t have the heart to take a picture, I was so distraught!   Luckily (judge me if you’d like) we just mopped the floors three days ago and half of it fell on the tin foil . . . so . . . I picked it back up and put it in the fridge!  Lunch for today!

Whatever, I’m just going to building up my immune system, right?!?!

Plan for the rest of the week:

Wednesday:  Ballet

Thursday: bell rehearsal so probably nothing, maybe a run


Saturday: run before bells

Sunday: lifting before bells show!

Monday: back to tap dancing

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  1. November 21, 2009 3:54 AM

    Yeah turkey tetrazzini!!! Especially when scooped off the floor 🙂 I totally would have done the same thing. Still, I can’t help but think of chicken tettrazzini

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