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Practice Thanksgiving

November 17, 2009

Each year, I host “Practice Thanksgiving” a potluck dinner where all of my friends gather to, well, practice Thanksgiving.  I make the turkey and something else (this year it was Oreo Truffle Balls and some appetizers).  Everyone else claims a dish!

Either we’re getting better at it or we’re just adults now (EEK!), but our spread this year was beautiful!

Here’s the spread!  And here is the beautiful salad (apples, candied pecans, pomegranate seeds)

Look at all of the colors!!

I think I did okay.  The stuffing that one friend made was AMAZING (it was like mashed potatoes with bread in it!)

Oh yeah, and my Oreo Truffle Balls . . . I took a picture before I dipped them in chocolate, because I think they look like poop.  Not sure what animal though!

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