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Colorful Lunch

November 13, 2009

Well, I’m sitting in the office waiting on some people, so just a quick word about lunch. 

I didn’t pack anything and was sick of Subway and D’Angelos.  I was going to get something at the grocery, but my coworkers and I decided to have a brisk walk to the local produce shop.  They have a wonderful salad bar (and incredible produce) although I usually don’t shop there.  Their hours don’t usually work with my schedule, and they are PACKED at lunch time!

Anyway, here’s my “salad” from Russo’s.  Look at all the color!  We’ve got romaine, chicken, peas, chickpeas, peppers, pico de galo . . . and melon and pineapple for dessert!  I didn’t actually end up eating all of it.  It was very filling!



Hopefully I can get out of here soon.  I really wanted to leave by four so that I could get in a quick workout before date night! ARGH!  It is almost 4:30!

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