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Personal Training

November 11, 2009

When we signed up for our new gym, we were given two free sessions with a personal trainer.  After the initial sessions, I went for every other week for 12 weeks this summer.  While she kicked my butt, I didn’t do so well with my eating, so not great results.  Although my cardio shape is greatly improved since the spring.

In October, I decided to return to the trainer for 10 straight weeks.  Every Tuesday she gives me a work out (and I’m usually sore the next day or THREE!)  I get her to write it down for me and try to repeat the workout (or earlier ones) once or twice throughout the week.

Yes, the workout is expensive and it does involve some more self motivation throughout the week, but I enjoy the motivation that she gives me.  I am also amazed at the amount of cardio that goes into some of these workouts!!  Generally people think that weight-lifting is very low on cardio.  I would like to strongly disagree.  If it is low cardio for you, then you are NOT working hard enough.  My trainer gives me a lot of new moves to keep it interesting and many of the moves involve the entire body, which I have now learned GREATLY increases your heart rate.   Just something to keep in mind.

So my workout today was two times through 12 moves.  It took about 45 minutes, burned 400 calories.  I forgot to look at the summarization of my workout on my HRM, but I know that the maximum was at least 170 bpm.  Hopefully I kept my heart rate in the 140’s.

Here’s to another great week!

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