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Excuses, Excuses

November 9, 2009

Welcome the new fitbridesmaid!!  I decided to move over to wordpress, since I can’t access blogspot at work.  It might give me more motivation to update!!

So here are my excuses for not updating in a month!  I spent the past month doing a lot of traveling (and eating).  First was a weekend in Virginia to cheer on the Hokies.  The next weekend was a wedding in Charlotte and staying with friends of ours (and their Greek parents with SO MUCH FOOD!!).  Then it was the bachelorette party!  It went so well.

Oh yeah, and my other excuse is . . . my laptop sort of died.  So here is my new laptop!  SHINY!

I also spent last week finally doing some cooking at home.

Wednesday night, I made a deal.  Since I missed ballet, I made food:

Taco Pie & Zero-Point Veggie Soup

I need to figure out how this picture thing works!!

Back on track starting . . . now!

Monday: tap

Tuesday: personal trainer

Wednesday: ballet (or running if work runs late)

Thursday: lifting

Friday: rest

Saturday: lifting (and practice Thanksgiving)

Sunday: running

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